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Real estate for sale in Hernando County

American Realty Associates, Inc., Real Estate Brokers for Hernando County, has been in the business of marketing homes and real property for sale for almost 30 years.

Bob Galbo has been a real estate agent since 1988. Bob and his wife Jeannie are the key personnel at American Realty Associates, Inc., averaging 27 years of experience and $22 million of sales on an annual basis between them.  They have worked as a team since 1988 and have both completed hundreds of BPOs over their time in the real estate business.

Bob and Jeannie are fully certified in all aspects of real property transactions and have completed numerous REO (Real Estate Owned) and BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion) certification courses including First American Residential Value View, Default School (REO Best Practices) and NVSI.

Both Bob and Jeannie are investment real estate owners.

Years of Experience Dealing in Real Estate for Sale

…And It Shows

You’ll feel at home with either Bob or Jeannie or any of the other members of the American Realty Associates, Inc. expert staff as they guide you through the intricate process of buying or selling your home or other real property.

From open houses to all the little things like informational packets for first time home buyers and investors, American Realty Associates, Inc. does it all for you with the assurance that each and every one of your real estate transactions will be a wonderful experience and a resounding success.